Change in EUR and USD bank accounts

17:33 15-02-2018

Please be advised that bank accounts for deposits in EUR and USD have changed on BitBay. Payments to previous accounts numbers will not be accepted from February 16, 2018. This change has been made because our operator Jax Pay is searching for the best solution for foreign currency deposits. New ban...

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Change in providing the invoices by BitBay

18:52 09-02-2018

Please be advised that from the current month BitBay will not issue invoices for commissions. A detailed list of BitBay commissions can be checked and downloaded to a .csv or .pdf file by going to the "History" tab, then using the "Type" filter option and selecting "Fees". BitBay uses the VAT exempt...

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Fügen Sie eine eigene Währung auf BitBay hinzu!

11:54 09-02-2018

Wie bringt BitBay neue digitale Währungen an die Börse? BitBay analysiert jede digitale Währung genau, bevor sie auf unserer Plattform eingeführt wird. Faktoren, die über die Einführung einer bestimmten Währung an der Börse entscheiden, sind u. a.: Marktkapitalisierung Klares Whitepaper Vollständig...

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Change in USD and EUR bank accounts

15:47 15-01-2018

We would like to inform you that we have changed our bank accounts for EUR and USD deposit. This change has been made because we look for the best solution for international deposits. As a result, we decided to establish the partnership with Jax to boost your cash flow in EUR and USD. Payments to...

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Simplifying settlements with the Tax Office

15:41 15-01-2018

Accounting cryptocurrencies in Poland is not an easy operation. Using the knowledge of experts and the experience of the largest traders, we want to make it easier for our clients to fulfill this obligation so that independent calculations based on history are no longer necessary. We are aware that...

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