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Bitbay & Bitcantor for children from Orphanage in Katowice - 2018

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1 325,00 USD

Christmas fund-raiser for children from Orphanage in Katowice

Another year is passing inexorably. Christmas is coming - a time when we especially should remember about those who are in need. That's why we're back with the third collection for the "Tęcza" Children's Home in Katowice. Our goal is to make this particularly difficult period for children a bit better.

Traditionally, all collected funds will be used to buy gifts - not only toys, but also the necessary home appliances. Just like last year, the children from the Orphanage will write letters to Santa Claus, thanks to whom we will be sure that the gifts will be perfect.

Last year, the sum of collected cryptocurrencies after a non-commissioning currency conversion gave the amount of PLN 27,500.08 (USD 7,760.24)! We hope that the collection will be equally successful this year as well. The BitBay team together with Bitcantor invite you to support this noble goal.

Let's show once again the great heart of the bitcoin community and give the kids beautiful Christmas!

@Update 21.12.18

The funds in digital coins donated by you after free currency conversion gave the amount of PLN 3 050,39 (~ USD 809,47). On behalf of us and children of the "Tęcza" Orphanage we would like to thank everyone involved in the collection!

@Update 10.01.19

Together with the Director of the „Tęcza” Orphanage in Katowice, we decided to buy gift vouchers for shopping for children. They can realize them under control of their educators in the largest shopping center in Katowice - Silesia City Center. Now, children are able to buy what they wish in many stories, e.g., with electronics, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, stationery, etc.

Once again, thank you to those who have contributed to spreading good. Below we present the purchase documentation.