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How to install and configure the BitBay mobile application?

BitBay mobile application is an essential tool of every trader. Thanks to it, you can check cryptocurrency prices and make transactions from anywhere, anytime. What's more, by downloading the application, you also gain access to widgets that will allow you to view the situation on the markets withou...

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Was soll ich tun, wenn die Android-App einen Netzwerkfehler anzeigt?

Trotz korrekter Konfiguration zeigt die mobile Anwendung auf Ihrem Gerät einen Netzwerkfehler an? Versuchen Sie die folgenden Maßnahmen: 1) Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie eine gute Internetverbindung haben. 2) Setzen Sie die Anwendung zurück. 3) Öffnen Sie die Registerkarte „API-Einstellungen“ in...

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How to add a credit / debit card to the App?

It only takes a few moments to add your card to the BitBay mobile application. After logging in to the application, go to the "balances" tab and select the PLN wallet. Select the "deposit" option, then "payment card". Click the "add new" button, and next, fill in each box with the appropriate...

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How to deposits funds with a debit / credit card in the application?

Depositing funds to the stock exchange via the mobile application is a simple and quick operation in a few steps. Log in to the application, select the "balances" tab and the wallet in PLN, then select the "deposit" option. Next click "Credit card". Click the tile wi...

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How to remove a card from the BitBay mobile application?

If you want to remove a previously activated card in the app, follow the steps below. Log in to the application, go to the "balances" tab, and then select the deposit or withdrawal option. The next step is to select the "Credit card" option and select the tile with the last four dig...

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