BitBay card

How BitBay card works?

With BitBay card you can withdraw cash from ATM or pay for goods and services in Poland and abroad. At our exchange, you can top up your card with any amount without additional fees. The cards are topped up twice a day on working days. You can check your card balance history on your BitBay account....

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How to activate your BitBay card?

To activate your BitBay card: Perform any operation using the old PIN code at the cash dispenser. Pay with your card in the shop with your old PIN.

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How to order a BitBay card?

Service currently is not available The BitBay card is a convenient payment method, linked to your BitBay account. It is anonymous and has no transaction limit. The card can only be issued to a verified user of the platform.   To order a card, after logging in, go to the tab "Card" and then complete...

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