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Bitcoin Cash kurs (BCC)

Bitcoin Cash was founded on August 1, 2017 as a result of Bitcoin's hard fork and is also based on blockchain. The first BCC coins were digged along with the block number 478.559.

Fork was made due to the fact that the capacity of BTC blocks turned out to be too small in relation to demand and it slowed down transactions. That's why Bitcoin Cash has increased the block capacity to 8 MB. This is a way to solve the problem of scalability in BTC.

Anyone who had Bitcoins on his account received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. It means that BCC shares history with BTC about the transactions contained in the original blockchain. Bitcoin Cash become popular at an express pace. Almost with entering the market, it has become the third digital currency with the highest market value. In the first 24 hours it increased by about 130%, and the initial hours of its quotations were characterized by huge volatility.

The birth of BCC increased the rates of the entire digital currency market by USD 10 billion, which is the result of the coin allocation to Bitcoin owners. The maximum amount of all coins that can be digged is 21 million.

Bitcoin Cash
Initial release2017
Total amount of coins21 milions

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