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Infinity Economics/Bitcoin (XIN/BTC) kurs

Digital currency which is one hundred percent dependent on its community, fully decentralized and open to unlimited development paths? Infinity Economics is the answer for the growing expectations of Users - a platform based on improved blockchain technology (Nxt). The solutions offered made that both the organization and the XIN token on which it operates attract the huge community and larger digital currency exchanges.

When Infinity Economics was implemented to BitBay in the middle of March 2018, the digital currency recorded a significant increase in the volume of the XIN/BTC on the Infinity Economics exchange. Compared to Ripple, with which it debuted on BitBay, XIN only exists in pair with Bitcoin, however the future development of cryptocurrency and trading pairs with fiat currencies is not excluded. It is similar on the Infinity Coin Exchange website. The token is attractive for potentially interested buyers, because apart from Infinity Coin Exchange and BitBay, successive exchanges of digital currencies decide to introduce XIN. Apart from a big step towards the mainstream, which was listing of XIN on BitBay, the interest in the currency was shown by the Turkish Sistemkoin exchange operating mainly on the Turkish lira, followed by the Polish Coinbe, where exchange is possible at the XIN/BTC and XIN/ETH rates. The total supply of XIN released into circulation is 9 billion.

What makes the Infinity Economics stand out is the use of modern Nxt technology, called by community the "blockchain 2.0". As the creators of XIN declare, it is currently one of the most reliable technologies for sending and storing information on purchase and sale. The blockchain contains a book of accounting transactions in an electronic form, which can be accessed by anyone. Due to the permanent storage of messages between users, they are limited to 160 bytes. Blockchain is defended by a system that protects sensitive data from being accessed by cryptographic tools and attacks by hackers. Thanks to the peer-to-peer network, or system decentralization, each user can participate in transaction transfer and its authentication. Undoubtedly, an additional advantage of Infinity Economics blockchain is the regular formation of new blocks - every 60 seconds a new one is created, and there are 256 transactions per block.

The asset exchange built into XIN makes the range of its purpose is potentially infinite. It can be used to represent something completely different - include, among others, other cryptocurrencies, real estate or shares. Practically every type of trade comes into play, and the use of a decentralized transaction system is associated with a lack of control and regulation. It can have its pluses and minuses. Due to the irreversibility of the transaction, each purchase should be considered and explained in consultation with the seller, because there is no control unit. This gives to the currency holder a full freedom in determining the terms of the transaction, but it happens at the expense of not protecting against fraudsters creating false assets.

Announced during a conference in Zurich, the system Optimus Pay is to make not only be simpler transactions inside the XIN exchange, but will also become a part of everyday operation. Optimus Pay is an application for mobile phones with two practical functions. First of all, it would open new opportunities to use cryptocurrencies for those running their own business. Transactions between the seller and the client could take place via the application, and the currency would be XIN. The contact between the client and the company is to be facilitated by a separate tool announced by Infinity Economics - IE-Local. It is to be used to find companies from the area that have introduced the possibility of transactions via Infinity Economics tokens. Private individuals were also not missed. Using the advantages of a digital currency would be facilitated by the second function of Optimus Pay - Messenger Bot. For example - pizza with friends on a Friday evening. When it comes to the division of the bill, all you need is internet access, also Optimus Pay and Facebook Messenger installed on your smartphone. Of course, it also does not hurt to have some XIN on your account. According to Infinity Economics, the possibilities of Optimus Pay will change into greater interest in the XIN exchange, and will make it become a digital currency for general use - both in business and everyday payments.

Infinity Economics plans for the near future are bold, but their ideas are not unfamiliar to people who are involved in the world of cryptocurrencies. XIN is to be a fully decentralized digital currency, independent of any external companies, but only from the community that will use it. The expectations of the interested grow with further announcements from Infinity Economics. The uncertainty of new investors is gradually dispersed thanks to the clear nature of the token and XIN-related performances at reputable cryptocurrency and financial conferences.

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