Java Developer


Are you tired of monotonous and rutins in your current job? Are you tired of the environment around you? Looking for new challenges to help you self-grow?

If you've wondered about any of the above questions, it's a good idea to change something and go on.

BitBay is not only the largest cryptographic stock in Central and Eastern Europe. It's also a company created by creative young people who believe cryptography and blockchain is a future.With a modern approach to both ideas and problems, not only our company is developing, but also the people who are at the heart of it.

It's time to take another step forward that you can be part of as:


What do we expect?

  1. At least 2 years of experience - it is not important for us to work as a freelancer or as a company.
  2. An additional advantage is the knowledge of Scala, or will to learn:
    • Java - pro
    • MySQL - pro
    • Cassandra - mid

Skills bonus (not required)

  • Akka
  • Redis
  • Scala
  • Solr
  • CQRS
  • Spark

What can we offer you?

  • Full remotly work possible.
  • Implementation with Project Manager and developer team.
  • A small team, including at least one under you developer.
  • Benefits which are adapted to individual needs in view of changing national restrictions and security.
  • No upper financial ceiling - if you are good, we will pay accordingly.
  • The type of agreement depends on you.
  • Flat structure.
  • Broad growth opportunities in your chosen direction.
  • Initially fixed hours of operation. After the trial period, we offer flexible hours.
  • Frequent integrations with companies in the payment service category.
  • PC. 2 Dell 22” + pivot monitors and the freedom to choose your tools.

What will you meet with?

  • The applications that we create are based on the SOA with a loose connection of the components.
  • A network-like architecture of interconnected blocks gives us easy scaling and system expansion and pre-built code software in the system modules.
  • The platform is designed to support unlimited users
  • Most of our services are being implemented in Scala with a strong focus on functional programming.
  • We use Kafki as a streaming platform.
  • The ratio of creative to maintenance work and the bug of fixing is 50-50%.
  • The platform is supported 24 hours a day, which involves participation in on-call time.
  • Work most often in the Kanban methodology.

Upload your CV to: [email protected]