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Fund-raiser for children from Orphanage in Katowice - 2017

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Fund-raiser for children from Orphanage in Katowice

Christmas is a time of love and presents, so it is worth remembering that everybody should have a chance to embrace it. In order to fulfil the needs of the youngest, the team of our exchange decided once again to organize a fund-raiser of digital coins for pupils from the "Tęcza" Children's Home in Katowice. The funds collected will be used to purchase gifts for the children. Kids from the Orphanage will write letters to Santa Claus, and thanks to them we will be sure that the gifts will be perfect.

A year ago, we collected over 3 Bitcoins, which after a free conversion gave the amount of PLN 10 023,67 (~$2796). Together, we can set a new record! BitBay and Bitcantor invite you to support this noble goal of giving children a smile.

Let's do something good together and let's make the kids' dreams come true!

This fund-raiser is a perfect way to show the world the power of Bitcoin.

@Update 19.12.17

The funds in digital coins donated by you after free currency conversion gave the amount of PLN 27,500.08 (~ USD 7 760,24). On behalf of us and children of the "Tęcza" Orphanage we would like to thank everyone involved in the collection. Thanks to you kids will find the most beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree!

@Update 21.12.17

Thanks to the funds collected in the Christmas fund-raiser for the "Tęcza" Orphanage, we bought not only the most beautiful gifts for children, but also home electronics (such as TV or washing machine), baby stroller and kitchen equipment.

Thank you again. Below photos showing what great power the collection had. We have no doubts that the users of our exchange are the greatest in the world.

Children from orphange in Katowice - Bitcoin