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Fund-raiser for Homeless Animals Shelter in Chorzów

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Bitcoin for Homeless Animals Shelter

The aim of the campaign is to help the pupils of Animal Shelter in Chorzów, which has been operating for over 40 years. Every year, it helps about 1500 abandoned, often sick or heavily injured animals. The holiday season is the time when under the care of the facility, a huge number of pets is placed - most of whom are thrown away by their irresponsible owners.

A large part of unwanted animals are in very bad physical condition - dehydrated or starved. They require specialist care - from food, expensive drugs, to often complicated operations, such as, inter alia, joining the paws or wiring the mandible. These treatments and the maintenance of the Shelter are incredibly expensive. Treatment of an individual pet is sometimes more than 300 USD. Man's help is so extremely important, and every donation gives the chances for pets to have a better being.

The collection is being conducted in all cryptocurrencies and tokens available on our platform. Funds raised from the collection will be converted free of charge into PLN, and then allocated for current shelter needs, which are constantly increasing, especially during the summer holidays.

The campaign for the Homeless Animal Shelter in Chorzów is extremely important to us, because it is the first one after moving the company to Malta. We will not stop supporting initiatives from our home backyard and we want to involve our nearly 1 million community to help as well.

Show the power of the Bitcoin community with us by making a donation for the pupils of the Shelter!