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Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - 2018 - with BitBay and Bitcoin

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32 596,28 USD

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0.80003156 BCC

13.00864429 LTC

4.57780606 ETH

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15 000,00 USD

We play for equaling the chances in treatment of newborns

For the third time, The Official Staff of GOCC was convened by our exchange, in which we raise money in digital currency - Bitcoin. This year, for the first time, the fund-raiser will take place in other currencies such us: Lisk, Litecoin, Ethereum, Game, Dash, Bitcoin Cash.

In the previous two editions, we’ve collected USD 4 338,36 in total.

We have no doubt that together you can easily bit this record.

Join Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and support the 26th Final in digital coins with us!

During the 26th Finale, we will be playing for equaling the opportunities in the treatment of newborns, and for obtaining support for basic neonatal wards. The last time this field of medicine was supported by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, 5 years ago, which is a very long time in the world of disease treatment. In Poland, there is an increase of births, so the need for specialist equipment to diagnose and save the lives and health of children is increasing too.

During the previous 25 Finals, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity gathered and donated over PLN 825 million (~ USD 229 619 527,40) to support Polish medicine.

Remember - the good always comes back, so it's worth to help!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in the previous edition collected funds for saving children's lives and health in general pediatric wards and for providing decent medical care to seniors. Overall, we managed to collected ~ USD 29 901 660,20. This amount was collected thanks to:

  • Allegro - the largest shopping and auction website in Poland - ~ USD 2 588 895,74:
    • Dinner with Donald Tusk - ~ USD 209 657,3
    • Dinner with Robert Lewandowski for two - ~ USD 28 680,92
    • Your Face on the card of the new game The Witcher 3 - ~ USD 15 626,93
  • Pekao - one of the largest banks in Poland - ~ USD 566 411,78
  • Play - one of the largest mobile operators in Poland, thanks to the music video - ~ USD 65 415,00
  • wspieram.to - a crowdfunding portal organizing the Virtual Heart collection - ~ USD 85 300,61
  • PayU - the largest online payment operator via an intermediary wplacam.wosp.org.pl - ~ USD 2 764 206,97
  • Gold Hearts being the prize in the Most Generous Donors' Arrangements - ~ USD 205 418,58
  • Gold Play Cards being the prize in the Most Generous Donors' Arrangements - ~ USD 21 736,93
  • 1700 staffs around the world - the remaining amount

Our exchange during this action, collected and donated with our users the amount of ~ USD 3 460,64.

@Update 10.01.18

Service cyfrowaekonomia.pl has prepared a video in which our CEO Sylwester Suszek talks about the essence of the collection and about what kind of surprise BitBay has prepared for the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. (English subtitles available in the video)

@Update 15.01.18

We made it! We have collected more than twice as much as we have expected. In total, after a free currency conversion to GOCC's account, we have donated PLN 111 133.77 (~ 32 596.28 USD) by users of our exchange. Thank you, that's all thanks to you! Below we enclose the exact amounts of currency conversion.