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Bitcoin Gold/Zloty (BTG/PLN) rate

The creation of Bitcoin Gold was the decision of the Bitcoin community. BTG was created as a result of a fork aimed at restoring decentralized digging of Bitcoin. Digging out of the first block, and thus the start of the blockchain, took place on 23rd October, 2017. As in the case of Bitcoin Cash fork, each BTC holder received Bitcoin Gold in amount equal to owned Bitcoin, which was associated with great interest of the community. The network of this currency was supposed to start on 1st of November 2017, but eventually it was moved to 12th November.

There are very few digital currencies that have been created completely from scratch to deal with unique tasks that have not yet been solved by any other coin on the exchange market. Even rarer case is that the Bitcoin hard fork was accepted by the community as the official cryptocurrency from the BTC "family". To this group belongs one of the largest digital currencies on the market - Bitcoin Cash - as well as the less popular but not least valuable Bitcoin Gold. What made BTG to meet with such positive perception of the community and maintained a relatively high position even during the bear market on Bitcoin? The answer to this question seems obvious when you look at the currency from the diggers perspective. Digging out BTG is simpler and more affordable than digging Bitcoins. All thanks to the Equihash algorithm, on which the ZCash digital currency was based, and which became the basis of Bitcoin Gold. In contrast to the Bitcoin encryption algorithm SHA-256, Equihash, 15 years younger algorithm was designed for beginner diggers.

Bitcoin is constantly struggling with the problem of mass extraction. Extensive mining operations, also known as "professional mines", flood the network with a huge amount of raw computing power, launching scaling protocols and increasing the difficulty of extraction. The use of specialized ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) has made it unprofitable and difficult to dig small-scale by using a processor or graphics card. Bitcoin Gold developers have made every effort to ensure that the digging process is again "decentralized". Investing huge amounts of money and time has ceased to be a necessity, as specialist digging equipment can not run on the network faster than standard home computers with high-quality graphics processor. The effectiveness of the currency, which places more emphasis on the modern encryption algorithm was proved by Litecoin in 2011. Miners are the biggest force of the BTG/PLN rate.

In addition to the democratization of extraction, Bitcoin Gold offers a number of smaller facilities that simplify its operation from the point of view of the end user. The biggest change concerns the security system. The delay in launching the network on November 2017 did not result from accidental technical problems. Digging digital currencies is a lucrative business not only for those who has a good knowledge about the topic, but also for companies involved in the production of specialized digging equipment. The Bitcoin Gold network has been the victim of numerous DDoS attacks. Although the attacks were not directly related to any of the companies involved in the production of ASIC miners, the majority of IP addresses originated from China - the undisputed capital of mass-scale cryptocurrency mining.

The community justified the attacks of Bitcoin Gold business practices, because the source code of the digital currency was made available only after the network was launched. Despite the turmoil on the international scene, the interest of Bitcoin Gold in Poland was initially low. It was not possible to buy BTG for a BTG/PLN rate for a long time, and many digital exchange markets refused to cooperate with developers due to non-public code. Time has shown, however, that Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork that, despite the cold reception, can warm up its image. Resistance to attacks was associated with the improvement of security, thanks to which BTG came to the world fully polished and ready for everything.

The implementation of the BTG rate on the digital exchange market was a difficult task due to the large network instability and kept secret source code. The Bitcoin Gold market was launched on BitBay on 1st of December, 2017. The Bitcoin Gold price was around 1,800 PLN. The digital currency has been in a downward trend for a long time, reaching 620 PLN in the second half of January 2018. Although the price of BTG in the second half of April did not look good for long-term investors, the hope should stay remain. The BTG/PLN rate stabilized around the middle of February, without noticing drastic increases or drops throughout the whole spring. At the beginning of May 2018, the BTG/PLN rate was just over 250 PLN per coin - an apparently low price, however indicating a stable, mild upward trend in the currency.

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