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Ripple/PLN exchange (XRP/PLN)

Although digital currency exchange markets in Poland met with the mainstream only in the first quarter of 2017, the Polish cryptocurrency scene was interested in the XRP token for a long time. In 2016, the digital currency of Ripple Labs, Inc. placed in the top thirty of the most popular cryptocurrencies on 15th place, to beat giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 and reach third place in the BitHub popularity ranking.

Ripple, known in Poland as the XRP digital currency, is primarily a payment protocol called RTXP (Ripple Transaction Protocol). Both in the form of a protocol and currency, Ripple is mutually connected - payments can not be made without XRP, and the currency itself would not be covered if the RTXP system did not work. The transaction platform is the result of three innovative programmers - Ryan Fugger (originator), Arthur Britto and David Schwartz. However, it would not be possible to launch the project without the contribution of two entrepreneurs. The professional facilities and management were provided by Jed McCaleb, founder of one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges (MtGox) and one of the most popular peer-to-peer networks (eDonkey Network). The financial background was due to Chris Larsen, the "business angel" of the Silicon Valley. Larsen was a president of Ripple Labs, Inc. until January 2016, when he decided to "catch his breath", taking the function of chairman of the board. In his place, Brad Garlinghouse took a possition as the president of Ripple.

The phenomenon of the digital currency Ripple is based on the deflationary nature of the XRP token itself. Each transaction made with the RTXP protocol "destroys" 10 drops, or 0.00001 XRP. This means that with the time, the Ripple rate will continue to grow. While the phenomenon of deflation itself seems frightening, because the cryptocurrency will sooner or later be exhausted, it can safely be assumed that it will happen later than sooner. One hundred thousandth of the token with an initial stock of one hundred billion is, as the name suggests, just a drop in the financial ocean. Both decentralized Ripple exchanges and institutionalized financial instruments used less than one hundredth part of the percent of the digged out resources in the period between the launch of the protocol and the first quarter of 2018. Taking into account the RTXP bandwidth of 1500 transactions per second (100 times more than ETH), you can easily determine the maximum annual deflation of XRP. The calculation becomes extremely simple with the help of Google and a simple calculator. Assuming that we start from the zero point, which is 100 billion available XRP, the maximum annual consumption would be less than 0.005%. Estimations shows that around 2740 years are needed to use all tokens.

In connection with the above, it is safe to assume that a long-term investment in the XRP/PLN exchange is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. Every drop is a great opportunity to buy Ripple, because from year to year the digital currency can only gain real value. The grow trend in the digital currency exchange market, like in the case of the stock exchange, has self-propelling properties. This is dictated by the action of Adam Smith, an eminent economist who described the "invisible hand" of the free market. As Ripple value increases, more and more investors will notice potential profit, increasing demand, volume and raising the rate of the digital currency. In addition, when more and more institutions, such as Santander, Crédit Agricole or Microsoft, accept and implement RTXP, the Ripple/PLN rate increases and will grow.

At the current stage of development, the factor determining the price of Ripple is its universality. As it was established at the begining - RTXP and XRP are inextricably connected, and the services offered by the Ripple protocol can turn out to be a real revolution in the world of money transactions. International payments made with Ripple are instant, taking just 4 seconds. For comparison, transactions with Ethereum’s blockchain take about two minutes, while in the case of Bitcoin - over an hour. It is worth noting that none of the mentioned digital currencies was created in terms of transaction speed, although both are significantly ahead of the "traditional" transmission systems, which require up to 3-5 days to complete the transaction. The extensive payment gateway network allows you to operate the XRP/PLN, EUR, USD, and even other digital currencies exchange (including altcoins) and private transactions based on trust. No wonder that banks, companies, investors and, above all, individuals are interested in the Ripple rate. In the end, the card with the address of the XRP wallet may replace the traditional credit and debit cards in the near future.

It is one of the few currencies whose volume increased significantly after a sudden drop in prices in mid-January 2018. This means that there is a strong community behind Ripple who believes in the XRP cryptocurrency and its potential on the digital exchange market.

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