How to withdraw funds to a debit / credit card in the application?

To properly withdraw funds to the card using the application, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to the application, select the "balances" tab and the wallet in PLN, then select the "withdrawal" option.

  2. Next click "Credit card".

  3. Select the previously activated card (the tile with the last four digits of your card) and enter the amount you want to withdraw to your card in the appropriate field. Please, include the cost of the commission charged for the transaction (PLN 10 ). For example - if you want to withdraw PLN 100 to the card, enter PLN 110 in the field.

  4. Confirm by clicking the "withdraw" button below and then confirm your willingness to withdraw by entering (as prompted on the screen) an authorization code from the Google Authenticator application or from an e-mail (the form of approval depends on the form of two-factor security that you have activated on your account BitBay).

  5. Ready!

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