How to create a corporate account on the exchange?

Company account option has been created for people who are running their own businesses and who would like to trade using the company funds.

To create a corporate account, pick „Company account” option at the beginning of account verification.

We begin with filling the form with company’s data. You have to provide its name, full address, TAX number and phone number with the country code (eg. +48 for Poland).

Next, you have to fill the form with the company’s representative’s information. In the first step, you have to provide name, surname and living address. In the next step you have to provide the ID document number (it can be an ID card, driving license or passport), its expiry and issue dates, birth date and phone number (again, with the country code, eg. +48 for Poland).

After filling all the forms, next step will be uploading required files. Next to each uploading box, there is a list of requirements for each document. If you want your verification to be accepted, you should follow the instructions.

First of all, you have to upload proof of residence of the company’s representative. Next, you have to add scans of both sides of the ID document (ID card, driving license or passport).

Finally, you have to upload the corporate document. Depending on the type of your company, you should provide a proper document. It should contain the company’s TAX number (if it owns one), its name, full address, the name of the representative and it should be issued by the government.

After uploading the documents, click “Send”. The verification process takes up to 24 hours from sending the files. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection of your verification by e-mail. If it is declined, you will be provided with instructions on how to proceed to get your verification accepted.