How to start using BitBay exchange quickly?

If you read this article, you probably already know what Bitcoin and other digital currencies are, and you are wondering how to get started with BitBay. Nothing easier. Follow the steps below and start using our site.

Your beginnings at BitBay exchange

The first step to start using BitBay is to set up an account on the platform. This is very simple and intuitive - first click the "Log in" button and then "Register". To start, simply enter your email address or use Google's automatic signup. A message will be sent to your email address asking you to activate your account. Click on the "Activate Account" button, then complete the registration, by entering your login name and password in the form, as well as the PIN to the helpline, which will be helpful when contacting the customer service. Keep in mind that the password should be made of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters, as well as be different from any other passwords that we use to ensure the security of our account. At the end of this step, your account will be created automatically.

Account verification

BitBay does not require verification to trade digital currency. It is only necessary when you plan to pay money in fiat currencies, such as EUR, USD or PLN. Verification guarantees you the access to all of the functionalities of the site, as well as credit and debit card payments and Express Mail Payments and Express Mail Service. How to verify your account? Just send us scans of two documents:

  • Both sides of an ID document - passport, driver's license or ID card.
  • Address confirmation document - a bill, a contract or a document issued by the government, not older than 6 months.

Adding funds to your account

The logged-in user gets access to the exchange where he or she can make a quick transaction of digital currency. To do this, after login, on the left tab, select "Wallets" and then the currency you want to fund your account. BitBay offers you the opportunity to buy or sell in USD, EUR or PLN. All you have to do is to send the money to the the given transfer number. Funds are being booked at least 3 times a day.

Quick Transaction

With the funds at your account you can immediately buy or sale the digital currency. Go to the "Exchange" tab and use the "Quick Transaction”. Our system will choose the best deals for you.

After the transaction, the funds in your selected digital currency will appear immediately at your account, from where you can freely dispose them (for example, transfer to an external wallet, to another person, or leave them at the exchange and earn using a time speculative transaction).

These are the basics about buying digital currency. If you would like to make an offer on the exchange, read the next articles.