KZ Cash (KZC)

KZ Cash - KZC is a digital currency created by an international dev team, whose mission is to create a Great Silk Road on the blockchain. Recognized widely in Europe and Central Asia, this cryptocurrency of Kazakh origin has been designed as an everyday payment method. This is confirmed by, among others: a map of businesses accepting payments in KZ Cash, ATMs connected to the KZC network and low transaction fee (0.00001 KZC). KZ Cash is based on the efficient, miner-friendly X11 algorithm.

KZ Cash
FoundersAlibek Makhambetabiev
Initial release2017
Total amount of coins 18 900 000

Link to the project website:

Minimum withdrawal values for cryptocurrencies: 0.001 KZC

Provision charged on withdrawals: 0.0005 KZC

Number of confirmations: 15

You can check the number of confirmations for your transfer using a search engine on the page below: