How do additional balances work on BitBay?

Each BitBay user can create additional balance in the currency of choice. It is possible by going to “Wallets” menu and using “+” button. When creating a new balance, we can give it preferred name and then we can split funds between balances of the chosen currency. Every user has one balance for each currency by default.

On each currency market that you make your transactions you can pick balance you will use for them. You can choose it in “Exchange” menu by clicking wallet icon on the right side of the screen, next to your username. In the box that will appear, click "Change" to pick the balance you will be using for transactions.

Additional balances on BitBay

In transaction history you can check operations separately for each balance or for all balances you have in chosen currency.

When creating new cryptocurrency balances, each of them will have different deposit address. It means you can transfer your funds to preferred balance.

Affiliate program withdrawals can also be sent to additional balances. Thanks to that option you can diverse your funds for investments and other goals. You can also send funds between your balances in chosen currency without any fees.