How to purchase IEO tokens?

Initial Exchange Offering is an improved and more user-friendly financing method of new blockchain projects than ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

What will you need?

To participate in IEO, you'll need following:

Everything above done? In case you forgot, enable Google Authenticator for safety of your account.

Purchasing IEO tokens

Step 1. After logging in, go to the Launchpad tab on the left (pic. 1).

(pic. 1 - Launchpad)

(pic. 2 - IEO list)

Step 2. On BitBay GO website you can find the list of available IEO's. After selecting "Invest now", you'll be directed to the website with overall information about the project. Roadmap, Whitepaper, public sale pool - it's all there!

(pic. 3 - project's info)

Step 3. If you want to invest in the chosen project, click on the "Buy" button on the right and select the currency in which you will pay.

(pic. 4 - currency selection)

Step 4. After selecting the currency, read and accept the IEO Terms.

(pic. 5 - confirming token purchase)

Step 5. It's all done! You can find the history of your purchases in the "History" tab on the left.

(pic. 6 - purchase confirmation)

(pic. 7 - history tab)