How can I prove the origin of the funds if they come from mining of cryptocurrencies or airdrops of various kinds?

Depending on the situation, we suggest the following solutions:

  • a) If these are self-mined funds, complete information must be provided. By providing the ID of the block you mined, Bitbay is able to confirm the movement of those funds from the moment they appear until they are deposited with the Bitbay exchange.

  • b) Mining in a pool also allows you to document that you have won a prize for your participation. In addition, in this case we ask you to show an accounting of the prizes awarded and to provide information on which pool you are participating in (this is usually seen in the previous step).

  • c) If the mining took place a very long time ago and today there is no data on the blocks mined or other information to identify the source, please describe in as much detail as possible where, how the mining took place and what the flow path of those funds was.

  • d) Airdrops are usually small amounts which are not a problem; in extreme situations they should be visible in the blockchain which can be confirmed.