How to solve problems with Google reCaptcha?

Problems with Google reCaptcha “I'm not a robot", "Try again later"

Problems with captcha occur most likely, when you are in a network where you share the settings of an internet operator, between several devices or people. This means that one of them sends automated traffic (bots), then you can see the message "Our systems detected unusual traffic coming from your computer network".

Not always it has to mean that one of the people is doing it on purpose - the device can be infected.

Then Google requires doing one of the simple tasks:

  • to click on images with specific element
  • to rewrite given word
  • to listen to lector and write what he said

An example of clicking on elements on which the flag is.

Blocked access.

I was blocked - Try again later

A few ways, which will help you to log in.

  1. Try to open incognito mode (at chrome CTRL + SHIFT + N)

  2. Try to sign in to the browser, using your google account. Lockout probability is getting smaller, because Google knows you're not a bot because you use their account. In addition, the gmail account is one of the safest and you can create a 2-step login using SMS or Google Authenticator. We advise not to use other accounts than those on gmail.

  3. Contact with the network administrator and tell them about your trouble. They should take care of person who is generating the problem and give you new network settings.

  4. If the problem persists or returns, we recommend using a VPN, it is a virtual private network, thanks to which you get a secure connection - it is a paid solution, but the most effective one. If you use this solution and still have a problem - try to disable it or refresh its settings.