What can be done if Google Authenticator codes are not working?

This situation may be caused by the lack of time synchronization in Google Authenticator application or on your device. Depending on your device’s operating system, follow the instructions below:

Android - to synchronize Google Authenticator application, open it in your phone, then select "settings", then time correction for codes and click "sync now". After refreshing the browser, log into your account again.

IOS - to synchronize the time for Google Authenticator application, go to your phone's settings. From the available options select "general" and then "date and time". The time must be set to “automatic” for the application codes to make them work properly.

If the above methods turn out to be ineffective, it will be necessary to send a photo verifying your identity as the account owner - its full instruction can be found in the above section of the article "What can be done if Google Authenticator app is lost?"