What is BitBay corporate account?

Corporate accounts are dedicated for people who run their own business and who would like to have the ability to trade company funds.

To create a BitBay company account, select the "Company account" option at the beginning of account verification, above the verification form. Then enter your company details such as: name, exact address, TAX number, and include scans of the following documents:

  • a document confirming the TAX number

  • a document confirming the Company Registration Number

  • in the case of commercial law companies - a document confirming the issuance of the National Court Register

  • in the case of civil law companies - extract from CEIDG

Then fill in the form for the representative of the company that creates the account: name, full address, ID number (or passport / driving license), date of issue (ID / passport / driving license), date of validity of the document (ID / passport / driving license), date of birth and attach the scans:

  • 2 pages of identity card (ID card / passport / driving license)

  • document confirming the place of residence (invoice, official document)

Then click the "Verify" button. Verification must be approved by the BitBay Administration. The process lasts up to 24 hours. User is informed about a positive review of the verification or the necessity to complete the information by an email.