How do you order withdrawal in British pounds (GBP)?

Go to the Wallets tab, then select the Withdrawal option. To use GBP transfers, you must have a fully verified account.

Please indicate to which country you want to transfer money to:

  • an account in the UK
  • an account in the EU
  • an account in Russia

Complete the withdrawal details. Remember that you can only withdraw to the account from which you previously deposited. If you haven't yet made any deposit in GBP currency or you want to withdraw funds to another bank account, you have to make a verification transfer. Send no less than 5 GBP to the data indicated in the GBP Deposit tab by wire bank transfer from the account you own.

We make payments in FPS format. The commission for withdrawing GBP by bank transfer is 2 GBP, regardless of the amount withdrawn. The minimum withdrawal is GBP 5. Maximum 200,000 GBP.