How to make a withdrawal from ATM with SMS?

To execute a withdrawal via ATM, choose „Wallets” from the menu. Select PLN currency and "Withdrawal" option and click on "Withdrawal at an ATM". Next choose the amount of the withdrawal: 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000 PLN. Fill out the form. Remember to provide a phone number at which you will receive the SMS code.

Up to half an hour after your withdrawal request you will receive an email with a PIN number and SMS with code. Go to the nearest ATM.

  1. On the ATM display you will see a service: "Withdrawal without a card" Select it.
  2. Then select "SkyCash" and "Cash withdrawal".
  3. Enter the data that you received via SMS:
    • 6 digit activation code
    • payout amount
  4. Confirm with the PIN received in the email from BitBay.
  5. Receive cash and print out a transaction confirmation.

Withdrawals at ATMs are available daily from 8:00 - 22:00. The amount of commission for withdrawals from 100 to 1000 PLN - 10 PLN. The commission is added to the payment amount and charged with a user account BitBay.

24-hours withdrawal limit for a user's phone number is 10 500 PLN. 31-days limit is 21 000 PLN. SMS code for a ATM withdrawal is valid for 48 hours.

The service is available only for Polish phone numbers. You must have the Premium SMS service turned on. The service is available for verified users.