How to make PLN deposit at Żabka or FreshMarket store?

To make cash deposit, in BitBay menu choose "Deposits" and then from the top menu choose PLN. Click on "Cash deposit". Fill in the amount of the deposit and print the coupon. You can use it for the deposit in any Żabka or Freshmarket store.

Show the deposit coupon to the cashier in Żabka or Freshmarket store. The cashier will ask you for a KIK card. If you don't own one, ask to issue it. Next, the cashier will fill in the transfer data and will collect the cash together with the commission. Pick up the receit and keep it because it's the payment confirmation. After the payment is accepted, you will get an e-mail message to the address you gave during the transaction.

BitBay exchange charges the commission that is 2% of the deposit value. If you want to see how much is the commission, click "i" button, showing below the amount that you gain after the transfer.

The commission charged by Żabka is from 1,89 up to 500 PLN, and for Freshmarket it's from 0,99 PLN up to 500 PLN. Above that amount, the commission will be 0,4% of the deposit value.

At once you can deposit no more than 2 000 PLN.

The deposits in Żabka and Freshmarket stores are available also for non-verified users.