How to withdraw cash at the Polish Post Office?

To complete a Cash withdrawal with proof of identity in Polish mail via the payment operator, you’ll need to go to „Wallets” tab, choose PLN currency and next choose: „Post Office Withdrawal”. Then type in the amount of PLN you wish to withdraw. The amount cannot contain pennies. You can withdraw up to 15 000 PLN once.

Within the next 10 minutes, you’ll receive an e-mail with unique PIN code as well as SMS with Token (PUK) to your withdrawal. Token will be sent to the phone number you entered during the verification process. Both codes are valid for 48 hours.

To receive your cash go to the Polish Post Office near you. You can choose from over 4,5 thousand Post Offices. Remember that you won’t be able to complete the withdrawal in postal agencies.

Here you’ll find Polish Post Offices nearby

In Post Office tell the postal officer that you want to finish your withdrawal called: „Withdrawal with identity confirmation” or „A form ZTG 146 HalCash”.

The postal officer will ask you for SMS Token, PIN code from the e-mail message along with your ID document and Personal identity number. After verifying your identity postal officer will give you the amount of cash you withdrew along with the receipt to sign.

Polish Post Office, cash withdrawal commission, equals 1% of the amount of PLN you are withdrawing, but not less than 20 PLN and not more than 120 PLN.

Due to the payment operator requirements, this service is only available after completing expanded account verification.