Trading PRO (advanced)

What is it and what does BitBay PRO contain? How to enable and disable this mode?

BitBay PRO is a trading version of our crypto trading platform that gives you access to professional tools and indicators that facilitate the analysis of the cryptocurrency market. The PRO mode includes an intuitive interface, the ability to make deposits and withdrawals, as well as it allows you to...

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How to deposit and withdraw on BitBay PRO?

After logging into the PRO mode, you are in the Dashboard tab. On the left, there is a menu with options: Deposit, Withdraw, and Promote. DEPOSIT By clicking 'Deposit' you will see cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. After selecting the currency you are interested in, you will be transferred to...

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How to use the BitBay's PRO chart?

Go to the 'Market' tab to view the graph (or charts, depending on the previously set options). In its upper right part you will find options such as: 1) the drawing toolbar, 2) style of posts, 3) indicators, 4) full-screen mode. 1) Drawing tools on the chart are used for precise market research an...

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How does margin trading work?

Margin is a advanced financial tool enabling trade with funds borrowed from an another user. Furthermore, the security deposit is only a part of your traded amount. Thanks to this solution, in relation to the amount that you trade, your income may be much higher than in normal trading. However, plea...

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What is SWAP?

SWAP is a form of investment (loan) that allows you to obtain systematic revenue from margin investors.

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