7 steps to safer account


The internet is a fascinating place which gives us opportunities to learn, promote and earning money. However, the web has it's evil side - some dangers are waiting for us, which can lead us to lose money.

We have prepared a few tips to adapt to use gifts of the internet and your BitBay account more safely.

First thing's first: strong password!

In this case rule: simplier means better doesn't work. A strong password is long, contains capital letters, lowercase, digits and special signs. We discourage using passwords like "password123", "qwerty" or "1qaz2wsx". Using a strong password, you'll reduce a chance of hacking your account by dictionary attacks and brute force attacks. Remember that your passwords shouldn't be the same for every account.

If you have accounts on many services, you can use password managers.

Enable two-factor authorization!

On our exchange, you can choose between two types of two-factor authorization:

  • e-mail,
  • Google Authenticator.

We encourage you to choose the second option. Why? It's much safer - the hacker won't be able to access your phone as easy as he can access your e-mail. Here you'll find how to enable GA on your BitBay account.

Most likely, you've heard about two-factor authorization via SMS. Why isn't this option available on BitBay? Because of "SIM-swaps". Here you'll find an example of a SIM port hack.

Secure your e-mail!

You can do that by following the points above - strong password which is different from your password from other services and two-factor authorization. It's always good to create an e-mail in service which provides additional security measures (e.g. login notifications on your phone).

Watch out for phishing!

Never heard of phishing before? Read carefully then: Phishing is a method used by hackers to get you to disclose your personal information like passwords, credit card numbers, etc. They are doing that by sending false e-mails, SMS and redirecting to fake websites.

Be aware, for the best protection against phishing is your close attention. You can test yourself in phishing test from Google here.

Remember that BitBay employee won't ask for your password!

Watch out for plugins and apps!

The more plugins and applications, the less safe you are on the internet. You shouldn't use apps which you don't trust or from an unknown source. If you have personal information on your computer, you should install only necessary apps and plugins.

Use your antivirus!

Updated antivirus. The role of antivirus is detecting, preventing and neutralizing malicious software. Why should you have an updated antivirus? Because malware is continuously evolving and with it security measures used in antiviruses. Also, remember to update your software systematically.

Last, but not least: do not keep your funds on the exchange if you don't intend to trade!

Are you HODLer? Withdraw your crypto to a hardware wallet or cold wallet - your funds will be more secure that way. And if you decide that it's time to sell your cryptocurrencies - you can always deposit them on your BitBay account and sell.

See what BitBay does to improve the security