Add your coin or token on BitBay!


How does BitBay add coins and tokens to the exchange?

BitBay carefully analyzes every coin and token before implementing it on our platform. The decisive factors for implement a coin into the exchange, which we take into account are, among others:

  • market capitalization
  • clear whitepaper
  • fully transparent source code
  • technical parameters of the token
  • strategy for solving technical and non-technical problems by currency founders
  • plans for project development

Our team analyzes all these factors to get the most accurate information about the specifics of each currency and decide about its implementation on BitBay.

How to you add your own coin to BitBay?

We are getting more and more applications regarding listing of new coins and tokens on our exchange. We are happy to take your project into consideration. To enable us to do so - fill out our form by clicking the blue button below.

Submitted coins will take part in voting by our community.

Coins which will gain the most votes, will have chance:

  • to be listed on the exchange with 0 fee
  • get promotional exposure
  • get attractive prizes for old and new users

More information on this will be available soon on our website.