Affiliate Program Bonus: March with Polish Post Office Withdrawals!


In connection with the launch of a new Polish Post Office withdrawal service provided by Payment Technology, we announce a promotional campaign: "March with withdrawals at the Polish Post Office!" where you can claim a 10% bonus in Affiliate Program for 31 days!

Rules are quite simple:

  • make a video or create an article in which you'll describe new withdrawal service in BitBay,
  • share it on social media, your blog or website,
  • send us an active link to your material to [email protected] using an e-mail linked to your BitBay account.

The promotional campaign is available for verified BitBay users only, which activated The Affiliate Program.

Details about The Affiliate Program are available here

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The Bonus will be charged for 31 days from the date of sending us an e-mail with link and statement described in Terms and Conditions. The rewards will be sent to User's account up to 10 days after a charging period expires.

Participation in the competition is explicit with reading and agreeing to the regulations. Read the Terms and Conditions.