API update and new offers on BitBay!


New functions are available on BitBay! We present you IOC offer (Immediate or Cancel) and a new API version!

You can find IOC in PRO Mode. IOC offer allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies immediately on chosen or more favourable rate. Here you'll learn more about Immediate or Cancel offer.

BitBay API was created with the thought of ease of downloading statistical data straight from the exchange server or developing personal apps which trade for you on BitBay (bots).

Rest API update consists in adding the following functions:

  • exchange FIAT currencies,
  • conducting operations on wallets,
  • possibility to trade using different balances.

Moreover, we are introducing a WebSocket API both Public and Private. Public WebSocket API will allow you to establish a stable and efficient connection with BitBay servers. Due to that fact, you'll always be up to date on what's happening on the market. The Private part of the WebSocket API will grant you a possibility to trade using your app.

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Successful trading!