Augur v2 (REPv2) on BitBay in September!


Check the timeline of Augur (REPv2) Migration.

Augur (REP) token swap to Augur v2 (REPv2) will take place on 9 September, 2020. The REP token will be replaced by REPv2. The currency ticker remains unchanged (also in API). Only the description visible on the market will change (REP v2). Please find the timeline below.

No activity on your side is required. Please be assured that your funds will be completely safe throughout the process.


  • 11:00 GMT+2 09/07/2020 - Deposits and withdrawals of REP will be suspended.
  • 10:00 GMT+2 09/09/2020 - Trading will be halted in all REP trading pairs. We will take an immediate snapshot of all REP balances and distribute REPV2 to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 REP = 1 REPV2. The ticker will be changed to REPv2.
  • 11:00 - 11:05 GMT+2 09/09/2020 - Scheduled maintenance
  • 11:00 - 3:30 pm 09/09/2020 - Migration
  • 3:30 pm GMT+2 09/09/2020 - Trading on will open. Deposits and withdrawals for REPV2 will be allowed.
  • 3:45 pm - 3:50 pm GMT+2 09/09/2020 - Scheduled maintenance

If you have questions, please contact our support via the contact form.