Bitcoin and BitBay for Homeless Animals Shelter


We're starting with another charity event! After the winter fundraising for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and for the Tęcza Children's Home in Katowice, led by oue exchange, it's time for summer support for those in need. This time, the help will receive a branch of the Homeless Animals Shelter in Chorzów.

The collection is conducted in all cryptocurrencies and tokens available on our platform. The donations can be placed here. Funds raised from the collection will be converted free of charge into PLN, and then allocated for current shelter needs, which are constantly increasing, especially during the summer holidays.

Every year the institution takes care of about 1500 abandoned, often sick or heavily injured animals. Often the cost of specialized treatment for one animal is around 300$! That is why all donations and human help are so extremely important.

We believe that once again, our nearly 1 million society will show a lot of heart by paying funds for our dog and cat friends in need.

Help the Shelters' pupils