Bitcoin Gold – when trading will be available?


We would like to explain certain Bitcoin Gold issues and why is trading on this currency still unavailable. Our statement is similar to other worldwide exchanges and it applies to our clients’ funds safety.

The unclear situation with BTG fork, which is much different than Bitcoin Cash fork, is what caused this delay. We would like to underline the fact, that when BCC fork block was processed, the currency could be already mined and the core was available, as well as its wallets. After mining this block, a new currency was created.

For BTG it happened in a different way. The fork block was determined, but nothing else was prepared. Infrastructure for new currency is not done. The core is still in development phase. Replay Protection mechanism wasn’t implemented yet.

As for BitBay’s technical preparations:

  • BTG balances were added accordingly to BTC balances from October 24th, 3:20:10 AM
  • Trading market is already prepared, so when the situation is clear we can set it up within minutes
  • We observe BTG code on Github regularly and we test changes published by developers

We are ready to open trading market for Bitcoin Gold. But right now we can’t do that. We care about clients’ fund's safety the most. When we can open it without any risks, we will inform about it.