Change in providing the invoices by BitBay


Please be advised that from the current month BitBay will not issue invoices for commissions.

A detailed list of BitBay commissions can be checked and downloaded to a .csv or .pdf file by going to the "History" tab, then using the "Type" filter option and selecting "Fees".

BitBay uses the VAT exemption based on individual interpretation based on Art. 43 par. 1 point 7 of the VAT Act. According to this legal basis, the resignation from issuing invoices for commissions is Art. 106b. 2. The Tax on Goods and Services Act, as follows: "A taxpayer is not obliged to issue an invoice with regard to exempt sales pursuant to Art. 43 (1), Art. 113 (1) and (9) or regulations issued on the basis of Art. 82, paragraph 3.