Change of a bank account for PLN deposits by wire bank transfers


Please be advised that due to the change of the bank serving our payment provider for PLN deposits and withdrawals, PLN deposits and withdrawals by wire bank transfers are currently unavailable. Their execution will be restored immediately after the end of the technical break related to integration on the operator's site.

We are expecting that today (02/12/2019) new bank account will be available, and the PLN withdrawal form will be unlocked. In the first days with a new bank account, there may be slight delays in processing deposits and withdrawals.

For users who have deposited after 6:00 pm (CET) on Friday (29/11/2019), the funds will be automatically returned to the sender's account by the current operator's bank. All withdrawals ordered until today, by 10:00 am (CET), will be processed and sent to customers tomorrow (03/12/2019) in the first outgoing session.

We ensure that founds of our users are safe and the maintenance, does not affect our liquidity.

We are also working on integrating a new system for handling deposits and withdrawals in other currencies through foreign partners.