Fork of BCC network


Due to the planned fork of the BCC network on 13-15.11, we ensure that all funds of users of our exchange are safe and our platform is fully prepared for the upcoming changes.

We would also like to inform that for the time of the changes being implemented, posting payments and ordering withdrawals of BCC will be temporarily suspended from November 13, 2018 from 2p.m. CET, to at least November 20, 2018. Payments and withdrawals of other currencies and cryptocurrencies and trading on all markets available on our exchange will be normal and will not be limited in any way.

In the case of splitting the BCC chain into two currencies, after the split, in addition to the currently held funds, the balance of the newly created currency will be made available to users. Withdrawals of this currency will be possible after the network will be stabilized and programming work will be completed. Depending on your interest, we will also consider implementing a separate market for the new currency.