Further Postponement of QARK Token Listing on BitBay to Q4 2020


We would like to inform you about QAN statement regarding QARK token listing on BitBay exchange: and QUANTUM Global OÜ (QANplatform) further postpone the listing of QARK Tokens on the crypto exchange platform of BitBay.

The QARK token will be listed on major exchanges incl. BitBay when the public testnet of the QAN Blockchain is available, planned for Q4 2020. and QUANTUM Global OÜ will issue another announcement once the new date of listing and start of trading of the QARK Tokens are determined.

Main products of QAN have rapidly evolved thanks to accelerated home office work during the Covid-19 lockdown. QAN private blockchain solution is at 90% readiness and will be completed by September 2020 while QAN public testnet will be available Q4 2020. Public demo of the IT Security product QAN Fence is already available upon request.

As announced June 25th, Australia’s leading blockchain consulting company starts testing QAN’s private blockchain to widen its portfolio with QAN’s products adding it to the list that includes Ethereum and Hyperledger (https:/

QUANTUM Global OÜ will list the QARK Token (ERC-20) on major exchanges only when product development is completed. Until then, the QARK Token will be listed and traded on smaller regional exchanges in July/August 2020.

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