Information on the bank transfers execution


Today we have decided to change the payment provider for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies. Over the next few days, we will replace the accounting system on our platform. As a result of this operation, new bank account numbers for deposits will be released.

Deposits and withdrawals are available via methods such as:

  • cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals,
  • deposits and withdrawals at Polish Post Office
  • withdrawals at ATMs.

We are aware that this situation causes inconvenience to our clients. That is why we decided to turn off fees for deposits and withdrawals at the Polish Post Office and withdrawals at ATMs. You can use these methods for free until bank transfers are available again.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that your funds are kept on independent bank accounts, which are not accessible either from the platform level or the operator who serves us in a given region. The current situation has no impact on our liquidity.

Fiat withdrawals ordered so far will be processed immediately after bringing back bank transfer option. At any time, please remember that you can cancel pending fiat payment and use a different withdrawal method. Transfers that were ordered last Thursday, and have not been made, will be returned to user balances (each user will receive an email after the refund).

The decision to change the payment provider is due to the information received today from Igoria Tade S. A., about the temporary inability to provide us with deposits and withdrawals for fiat currencies. According to the information provided by Igoria Trade S. A., as a result of problems with BitMarket, the bank decided to suspend the operator's transactions temporarily. Although bank accounts belonging to BitMarket were not kept in BOŚ (which was immediately confirmed by Igoria Trade S.A. in a statement), the bank requested additional documentation from Igoria Trade S.A.

There is still a possibility that BOŚ will soon allow Igoria Trade S.A. the ability to perform transactions. However, due to the long waiting time for the bank's decision, in the interest of our clients, we decided to launch an alternative solution.

We will keep you informed of the process of making new bank account numbers available and enabling withdrawals by the alternative operator as the work progresses. We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask for your understanding.