Investing - Top 5 most repeated mistakes


The first thing to mention should be that each investment process has an individual character and needs to be tailored to our needs and skills. Each of us has different objectives or financial situation. We are of different ages and have different approaches to risk-taking. These issues should be taken into account when developing investment strategies. Investing in whatever form requires preparation, appropriate knowledge, and attention. The operation of an exchange involves constantly changing values and a great deal of price fluctuations, and it requires time and patience, which we often lack.

Specifically for our users, we have created five articles, each of which describes one mistake in investing in the cryptocurrency market and how to avoid it. We believe in each of these articles you will find advice that will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Over time, we have seen some recurring mistakes made by investors. Try to avoid them. This will help you save time and the money you invest.

Here is the list:

  • Not cutting losses.
  • Poorly thought-out trade.
  • Emotional bias.
  • Being stubborn.
  • The Bandwagon effect.

The latest series of articles will show you which mistakes cryptocurrency investors are most likely to make. In this series, you will also learn how to avoid these mistakes. One of the most important principles in investment is the continuous improvement of knowledge. Experience in trading can only be gained through action, learning from our own mistakes and, of course, market observation.