New Terms of Use


We would like to inform you that the Terms of Use are going to change on 31 August, 2020.

New Terms of Use

Important changes

Unused deposit addresses for some cryptocurrencies and tokens (the list is available on the Fees page) will now be valid for 6 months. (§ 3, 4)

You will find a counter next to the deposit address for a given cryptocurrency, which informs you how long the unused address will be active. If the 6-month deadline has not expired - you can still transfer funds to it.

After depositing to the address of any of listed cryptocurrencies, this address will be permanently assigned to your account. (§ 3, 4)

If you have never used the deposit address for any of these cryptocurrencies on our exchange (and your account has been active for more than 6 months), then the unused address will be deactivated on 7 September 2020. (§ 3, 4)

Do not send crypto to this address after 7 September. A payment to a deactivated address poses the risk of losing funds. (§ 3, 5)

Adaptation of the provisions of the regulations to changes in AML directive (§3, 20-24)

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Dynamic information about fees and confirmations

Information about the current fee for cryptocurrency withdrawals and the number of required network confirmations (when depositing), will now be visible on your BitBay account while making a withdrawal or a deposit. This solution will allow us to adjust to the network traffic dynamically. (§ 1, 7)

Priority cryptocurrency withdrawals

The next month we plan to start testing the possibility of customizing the fee for outgoing crypto transfers. The "Priority" withdrawal will allow the user to set the fee and speed up the transfer. (§ 3, 12)

New Terms of Use

Accepting changes to the Terms of Use does not require any additional activity from you.

If you do not agree to the provisions of the Terms of Use, please notify us in writing or by email ([email protected]) to terminate the contract.