Exchange on 11th of November 2020

10-11-2020 12:15

We would like to inform you that in connection with the forthcoming Polish Independence Day (celebrated the 11th of November), deposits via bank transfer and in the Polish Post Office will not be performed. Polish Post Office withdrawals will be available depending on the opening of post offices. AT...

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Spark Token Airdrop!

05-11-2020 14:05

We are pleased to have a large community of XRP holders, and to meet your expectations we decided to support the evolution of the Ripple ecosystem. We’re delighted to announce that we will support the Spark Token Airdrop! The snapshot of the XRP network will be taken on December 12. The official di...

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BitBay reviewed by Coin Journal

02-11-2020 14:00

We would like to encourage you to check the newest BitBay exchange review published by Coin Journal. In the review, you can find the following information: What is BitBay exchange Standout BitBay exchange features Pros and cons of BitBay exchange How to sign up to BitBay exchange A user interface f...

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QARK Token Listing on BitBay

26-10-2020 12:00

We would like to announce QARK Token will be listed on our exchange from November 18, 2020. QAN blockchain platform was the first project on the BitBay IEO Launchpad in Q1 2020. QARK Token is a network token created in ERC20 protocol. Its primary purpose is to allow developers to develop and to use...

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We received the "Providing a virtual currency service" license

14-10-2020 18:25

We are proud to announce that BitBay is the only crypto-fiat exchange which fulfilled the new licensing requirements in line with the amendments of The Estonian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 10 March 2020. We have undergone a series of detailed audits, and as a result, w...

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