It's today! What is Bitcoin Halving?

11-05-2020 15:40

There are only a few hours left to the huge event. For the third time in history, there will be Bitcoin halving as a result of which mining reward of the most popular cryptocurrency will be reduced by half. What consequences for the community, markets and BTC price will bring upcoming halving? In th...

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Bitcoin Halving, 2020. What should you know?

06-05-2020 15:55

Bitcoin halving is less than 1 000 blocks away. Learn some basic facts before it. Halving is a moment that occurs every 210 000 blocks, i.e. every four years on average, and is associated with a reduction in pay for miners by half. The third halving in BTC history will take place when the number o...

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BitBay during the long May weekend

29-04-2020 16:05

We want to inform that in connection with upcoming long May weekend on 1st, and 3rd May contact with our support team will be available without any changes. On May 1st - 3rd deposits and withdrawals via wire bank transfer will not be performed. Please also remember that during the long May weekend e...

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Medical tent for paramedics

21-04-2020 12:05

We made it! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we not only managed to achieve the expected found-raiser goal in a short time but also exceeded it by over USD 4 000. After the summary of payments in PLN and the commission-free conversion of donations in cryptocurrencies, we received USD 16 671,4...

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New Terms of Use and Internal Policy

16-04-2020 14:30

We would like to inform you that the Terms of Use is going to change on April 23, 2020. At this link you can check the new provisions, the changes are marked in bold. Accepting changes to the Terms of Use does not require any additional activity from our users. If you do not agree to the provisions...

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