Pinewood Holdings Limited - new address of headquarters

01-08-2019 12:00 3 weeks ago
We want to inform you that on 1st of August we changed the headquarters address of Pinewood Holdings Limited - BitBay Exchange operator. The current address is 66, Old Bakery Street VLT 1454 Valletta, Malta.
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Week of specials on BitBay!

29-07-2019 16:00 3 weeks ago

We are not idle on holiday season. The week of specials is on! We are starting this Monday from the success of BitBay Pay - licensed payment operator from BitBay Group. BitBay Pay launched a Version 3.0. of its platform! What's new? New cryptocurrencies - accept payments in 10 popular cryptocurren...

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Information on the bank transfers execution - update

16-07-2019 19:00 1 month ago

We want to inform you that from tomorrow, fiat deposits and withdrawals via wire bank transfers will be available again. You can already send deposits to bank accounts visible in the user panel. The first booking will take place tomorrow. Account numbers have not changed. Withdrawals via wire bank t...

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Information on the bank transfers execution

15-07-2019 20:00 1 month ago

Today we have decided to change the payment provider for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies. Over the next few days, we will replace the accounting system on our platform. As a result of this operation, new bank account numbers for deposits will be released. Deposits and withdrawals are ava...

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Stop! New types of orders!

08-07-2019 12:15 1 month ago

Stop orders landed in PRO mode! With this option, you can set the price level, and after it's reached your order will be activated. The sudden exchange rate changes won't be a problem for you from now on! Curious how do stop orders work? Check an article about thet in our helpdesk! Want to know more...

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