Change in the manner of handling FIAT deposits and withdrawals

22-08-2019 14:30

Due to the lack of agreement between the BOŚ bank and the payment operator, which serves us, we are forced to change the method of handling deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies. As we reported last week, we are prepared for this situation. New bank accounts are already prepared. Over the next...

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Information on the bank transfers

14-08-2019 10:00

Yesterday we were informed that the payment operator (Igoria Trade S.A.) received service contract termination from the BOŚ bank. Negotiations are still ongoing. Despite this situation, our users do not have to worry. We do not anticipate significant difficulties in using our platform. We know the...

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BitBay on the 15th of August

13-08-2019 16:00

We want to inform you that in connection with a holiday on the 15th of August express deposits at the Polish Post Office will not proceed. Payment Technology withdrawals at the Polish Post Office will be available depending on the opening of Post Offices. On non-working days banks do not make incomi...

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What's new on BitBay? - Week of specials round-up!

07-08-2019 16:00

The week of specials came to an end, and we have prepared a round-up of this intense week: BitBay Pay - licensed payment operator from BitBay group has launched its 3.0. Version! What's new in BitBay Pay? Check here. We added a unique offer for institutional clients! What are the benefits of joinin...

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Grand premiere - five new tokens on BitBay!

01-08-2019 16:00

Grand premiere of new markets on BitBay! This time on our exchange landed coins from the top of CoinMarketCap. All new tokens are available on crypto-crypto markets on which you can still trade with 0% maker fee! Maker MKR token is a tool for managing and recapitalizing Maker platform. Total suppl...

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