API update and new offers on BitBay!

03-04-2019 14:30

New functions are available on BitBay! We present you IOC offer (Immediate or Cancel) and a new API version! You can find IOC in PRO Mode. IOC offer allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies immediately on chosen or more favourable rate. Here you'll learn more about Immediate or Cancel offer. BitBa...

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New languages available on BitBay!

28-03-2019 15:00

We introduced new language versions! We have added the following languages to our exchange platform: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian. Now our users have at their disposal full functionality of BitBay exchange in 8 languages! More language versions can be found on our mobile app. iO...

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We won "The Blockchain Exchange of the Year" award!

27-03-2019 10:30

Invest Cuffs 2019 is over. They were extremely intense two days. Below you will read our summary of this event. ICE Congress Centre in Cracow at 22nd and 23rd of March became the biggest aggregation of investors, brokers and cryptocurrency market experts from all around the world. Great speakers, 40...

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BitBay Cash - Buy cryptocurrencies for cash!

25-03-2019 16:30

We proudly present a new product from BitBay group - BitBay Cash! BitBay Cash offers quick and convenient way to buy cryptocurrencies for cash! How does it work? It's quite simple: Go to one of ours distributors, buy the voucher with the chosen denomination, redeem it on our website! Want to know...

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Affiliate Program Bonus: March with Polish Post Office Withdrawals!

13-03-2019 15:10

In connection with the launch of a new Polish Post Office withdrawal service provided by Payment Technology, we announce a promotional campaign: "March with withdrawals at the Polish Post Office!" where you can claim a 10% bonus in Affiliate Program for 31 days! Rules are quite simple: make a video...

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