Stellar and 2 new tokens available!

29-01-2019 15:00

New markets are being launched on BitBay! The long-awaited Stellar and 2 new tokens are now available on our exchange: Bitex Global XBX Coin and Blockchain Poland. With the release, we are reminding you that you can still enjoy the low fee for crypto-crypto transactions. The reduced fee is: Maker 0...

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BSV market available on BitBay

28-01-2019 17:00

We would like to inform you that Bitcoin SV trading has been launched today on our platform. BSV withdrawals and deposits will be available in the near future. Bitcoin SV is a cryptocurrency created after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. It is available in 4 trading pairs: BSV/BTC BSV/USD BSV/EUR BSV/PL...

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Fork of ETH network

15-01-2019 14:00

Due to the planned hard fork of the ETH network on 17.01, we ensure that all funds of our exchange users are safe and our platform is fully prepared for the upcoming changes. We would also like to inform that for the time of the changes being implemented, posting payments and ordering withdrawals of...

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Exchange during Christmas and New Year's break

20-12-2018 15:30

We inform that due to the Christmas and New Year, the operation of our Customer Service Department and posting of payments and withdrawals will change. You can find detailed schedule below. Customer Service Department: 24/12 - the department will operate until 14:00 p.m CEST 25-26.12 - helpline an...

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Lisk Machine Learning available on BitBay!

19-12-2018 14:00

You can find brand new token on our platform! We’ve implemented Lisk Machine Learning. LML is a promising project of GNY IO company, whose aim was to launch a Utility token that brings Artificial intelligence to the blockchain world. Check rate of LML Token is available in two pairs - with BTC and P...

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