Information on the bank transfers execution

15-07-2019 20:00

Today we have decided to change the payment provider for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies. Over the next few days, we will replace the accounting system on our platform. As a result of this operation, new bank account numbers for deposits will be released. Deposits and withdrawals are ava...

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Stop! New types of orders!

08-07-2019 12:15

Stop orders landed in PRO mode! With this option, you can set the price level, and after it's reached your order will be activated. The sudden exchange rate changes won't be a problem for you from now on! Curious how do stop orders work? Check an article about thet in our helpdesk! Want to know more...

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BitBay during the Corpus Christi

19-06-2019 14:00

We want to inform you that in connection with Corpus Christi on the 20th of June express deposits at the Polish Post Office will not proceed. Payment Technology withdrawals at the Polish Post Office will be available depending on the opening of Post Offices. On non-working days banks do not make inc...

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Free GBP deposits and withdrawals in June!

03-06-2019 14:00

June under the British Pound star! Through entire month GBP withdrawals are free! British Pound was introduced to BitBay in mid-April of 2019. Not long later, we have provided the first GBP markets: BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, XRP/GBP, LTC/GBP, BCC/GBP. From now our users can withdraw British Pound for free...

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7 steps to safer account

21-05-2019 16:00

The internet is a fascinating place which gives us opportunities to learn, promote and earning money. However, the web has it's evil side - some dangers are waiting for us, which can lead us to lose money. We have prepared a few tips to adapt to use gifts of the internet and your BitBay account more...

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