Game deposits and withdrawals are now available!

03-07-2020 13:35
The process of transitioning GAME to Ethereum has been completed. Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned! The start of the new area of GAME Credits will be followed by a contests with a large prize pool! Follow our announcements and social media to find out more next week.
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Trading on GAME markets

02-07-2020 18:45

GAME trading is going to be live on 2nd July, 9:00 pm (CEST). New Game ERC-20 tokens have already replaced old ones on your balances. 2nd July, 9:00 pm (CEST). we will enable posting/deleting offers and making transactions on all GAME markets. Fee for transactions on the GAME / BTC market starts f...

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Further Postponement of QARK Token Listing on BitBay to Q4 2020

30-06-2020 14:15

We would like to inform you about QAN statement regarding QARK token listing on BitBay exchange: and QUANTUM Global OÜ (QANplatform) further postpone the listing of QARK Tokens on the crypto exchange platform of BitBay. The QARK token will be listed on major exchanges incl. BitBay when th...

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The new era of GAME Credits is coming!

25-06-2020 13:30

On 1st July, GAME Credits is moving over to the Ethereum network, to take advantage of its fully built Esports and NFT (non-fungible token) platform of tools. This move will also bring GAME Credits a full team of professionals from the gaming industry as well as other forms of partnerships, funding...

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BitBay during the Corpus Christi holiday

09-06-2020 12:33

We want to inform you that in connection with Corpus Christi on the 11th of June, contact with our support team will be available without any changes. On this day deposits and withdrawals via wire bank transfer will not be performed. Deposits at the Polish Post Office will not be processed. Payment...

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