Information about BTG market opening and BCC update

10:00 13-11-2017

1. BTG market Yesterday, 12.11.2017, BTG main network was launched and Bitcoin Gold wallets were made available. This week we will be installing and testing the working of the wallet. If these actions are successful: around 14-15 November the BTG market will be launched around 20 November - BTG dep...

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Statement about SegWit2x Hard Fork's cancellation and update of information about Bitcoin Gold

10:51 09-11-2017

1. SW2X Referring to the Mike Belshe message, which appeared on the SegWit2x discussion group (, we inform that the Hard Fork was canceled. What is more, the next week's break in BTC deposits and payouts at BitBay...

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Important information about upcoming forks

10:30 08-11-2017

Below you can find important information our official statement on upcoming forks 1. BCC Fork - 13th of November 2017 During the next Monday is going to take place BCC hard fork, that is connected with updating the mechanism calculating difficulty of digging. What is important here is the fact that...

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Change in EUR and USD bank accounts

11:31 02-11-2017

We would like to inform you that we have changed our bank accounts for EUR and USD deposit. Payments for current bank accounts will be accepted until November 3rd. Transfers made on November 3rd may be not added to your accounts and refunded by the bank. We decided to change the accounts due to the...

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