The most common threats on the web - Top 5 crypto threats

03-09-2021 16:00

The internet is a window of knowledge, an opportunity for growth, a chance for a better tomorrow, simply one of the greatest inventions in our history. The Web is an everyday reality for most of us, and confidence in the Web is growing in every respect. It provides literally instant and practically...

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Securing the account on BitBay - Google Authenticator

27-08-2021 17:22

Protecting your online accounts and investing platforms from cybercriminals should be considered a priority. Recently, we discussed how to build a strong password, and this time we'll go over 2fa, which is an extra, second step in account owner verification. Google Authenticator application You ma...

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How to create a strong and secure password

25-08-2021 17:45

Nowadays, the Internet is our reality. We store countless quantities of data, money and memories on it and that is why network security issues are so important. In the crypto market, security is even more important, and you need to be cautious and very vigilant as we are seeing a high number of brea...

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Trading Cardano (ADA) has just started!

18-08-2021 14:00
From today you can trade one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world on our exchange. $ADA is available in three pairs: ADA / EUR ADA / PLN ADA / USDT Get started now!
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Lisk (LSK) network fork

17-08-2021 12:00

Please be informed Lisk's fork is planned for August 21, 2021 (the time depends on the speed of digging blocks). 3 days before the fork (initially on August 19), deposits and withdrawals will be blocked. The resumption of deposits and withdrawals will take place after the situation in the network st...

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